Rocket League Coaching services grants us to ability to teach you the tips and tricks of the game. We work with you to help increase your game knowledge and better your skill set. We offer flexible times and offer the best coaches available. We hand craft every coaching session to suit your needs. The coaching process usually consists of you playing ranked games and saving a few replays over your losses. We then analyize these games together to find the areas in which you need to improve in the most and how you can go about doing that. Our top priority for a coaching session is to leave you with an idea of how to improve.

We are flexible with doing whatever you feel comfortable with during a coaching session. If you prefer to be in game with your coach and play or just watch and analyize it’s completely up to you. At the end of the day you are paying for an hour of your coaches time so be vocal with what you want out of that hour. All of our coaches are more than happy to work with you. If you're looking for a way to improve your game knowledge and mechanical skills or learn some new car tricks we can help you with that. You can purchase as many hours as you need and we will provide you with one of our finest Rocket League coaches. You will gain new techniques, strategies and knowledge. You can ask your coach specific things you want to learn this way you can take advantage of coaching time purchased and make the most out of it. It is also easier for the coach when you know what you want to learn.

Please join our discord after you place your order so we can communicate with you about your order. We guarantee you will be satisfied with your order.

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