How fast is the boost likely to start?

Boosts are usually started within 12 hours but to get an exact time estimate feel free to join the discord and speak to one of the owners!

Is it a problem if I have Steam Authenticator on my account?

No, Steam authenticator isn’t an issue but make sure you join discord to give your booster the code when trying to log in. If you would like to disable it while we complete your order that would also be appreciated!

Will the booster talk to my friends during the boost?

No. We at Boosting Pros respect your privacy. The booster will not speak to anyone on your friends list or tell anyone you are being boosted.

Are both my in game inventories and Steam inventories safe?

Absolutely, all of our boosters are trustworthy and have done a number of boosts. Rest assured no one will be touching your inventory.

Can I pay with keys?

Absolutely! We accept many forms of payment. Keys are accepted at a rate of 1.4 keys = $1 for Rocket League. To pay with keys join the discord and speak to an owner!

How can I contact you if I got some questions about the boosting process?

Join the discord and ask one of the owners for any other questions you have!

Do You Need Help?

Join our discord to communicate with us immediately.
All questions regarding pricing, boosting, and coaching services will be answered immediately