Placement Games

Ordering Rocket League placement games is a good option to get an early head start on the next season. We take care of your placement games to make sure you start the new season out right. Hate the early grind of playing against higher ranks and losing? When you order with us we guarantee that even at the highest rank, we will win 8 of your 10 placement matches. We usually win all 10 but cannot always guarantee that. Rocket league placement games are a good way to get your season off to a good start. Why grind through those lower ranks when you can order placement games and put back into the action. Most rocket league seasons are a soft reset. Sometimes they do a full reset which makes your placement games even more important. Our boosters strive to get you placed in the highest rank we can to ensure your able to hit the ground running. When ordering placement matches, you can play with your booster or alone. We can do your placement in one playlist, or all of them. Just go to our easy to use calculator and select what playlist you want your placement games done in. There is a very strict process for boosters to work at Boosters go through a vetting process and must answer a series of questions and pass tests to make sure you are getting the best players boosting your account! Please join our discord after you place your order so we can communicate with you about your order. We guarantee you will be satisfied with your order.

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