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The post on the front page is not how the majority of teams rotate at higher ranks, and it should not be how players at lower ranks learn to rotate. I believe it encourages ineffective behaviors, such as two players bunched up in the corner and nobody ready for a far post pass. I saw a couple of comments pointing this out, but they were inexplicably buried in the comments section. Here is a more effective basic guide to offensive positioning and rotation. Be prepared for some awful Paint editing.

Basic offensive positioning:

These should be the default positions that your team sets up almost every time you have a "halfcourt offense" opportunity. I'll run through a few scenarios as well to see how these positions operate and rotate.

Scenario 1: successful pass to middle

1 attempts to score, 3 steals boost and replaces 2, 2 reads the shot/save to follow up on the ball

Scenario 2: clear to right side of pitch

2 tries to block the clear and replaces 3 as the passer, 1 swings in behind 2 and is now trying to block clears, 3 tries to steal boost and shifts to the scoring position

Scenario 3: clear to left side of pitch

1 tries to block the clear and replaces 3 as the passer, 2 maintains the position as defense/blocking clears, 3 becomes the scorer but is wary of a failed attempt by 1 and ready to streak downfield to defense (note: this scenario does provide for more ambiguity, as sometimes it will be beneficial to have #2 attack the ball first rather than #1)

These are just a few of virtually infinite scenarios, but hopefully it gives you the right idea of effective 3s positioning and rotation.

Edit 1: added simplified positioning guides

Edit 2: Thanks for all of the feedback! I'm glad this could help some people. The graphics I made are definitely not well-designed and are indeed a bit confusing. If I find the time, I may revise all of this during the upcoming weekend. I will make the graphics much more simple and cleaner, and perhaps include something for 2s as well.

TL;DR: the post on the front page shows ineffective positioning.




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