Before you practice the fast kickoff, you must first know a few things (don't feel offended if it sounds trivial to start, but it gets better the longer I go on):

Boosting is a transitional speed gaining mechanic, which increases your acceleration. It is the fastest way to get to supersonic by its lonesome.

Dodging (the double jump flip) is an instant speed gaining mechanic, which increases your speed instantly. It has a recovery time which takes a fair portion of time. This recovery time is landing on your wheels to be able to dodge again. This is the second fastest way to get to supersonic by its lonesome, but it takes a full 1.5 seconds (or more) than Boosting.

There is another type of Dodge within the mechanic. The Diagonal Dodge. A Diagonal Dodge will grant a slight bit more instant speed than a normal forward or sideways Dodge. It must be a mix between a forward and a sideways Dodge, combining these mechanics. It is possible to do a forward Dodge that appears mostly Diagonal but missing the barrel roll. If it lacks a barrel roll, it is not a Diagonal Dodge.

A Diagonal Dodge is best performed by jumping, altering your angle to turn "X" degrees to the left or right, and using a Diagonal Dodge to add momentum forward. It is not that effective if you jump and do a Diagonal Dodge slightly away from your forward momentum, as you not maximizing the most possible momentum forward, and some is added in a different direction. After Dodging, one must turn their car to land on their wheels facing forward, otherwise landing even slightly improperly will make the Diagonal Dodge ineffective. It even sometimes ruins your momentum entirely.

One last thing about the Diagonal Dodge, is that since it adds 10% of your current speed onto your dodge. Dodges give 18kph. If you are traveling 56kph, and do a diagonal dodge (toward your momentum), you will get 18kph + 10% of your current speed. Current speed is 56kph, so that's 5.6kph + 18kph. That is now 23.6kph + 56. Which is now 79.2kph. Top speed is 82.8kph.

The fastest way to get to supersonic is a combination of all the information I just gave you. Since Dodging has a recovery time (land back on your wheels), it is ill-advised to use it at slow momentum because your car's normal accelerator is faster.

The combination is with the knowledge that Dodging is ineffective at slower speeds is to Boost until you get near enough to supersonic, but not there yet, then Dodge to bridge the gap immediately. Boosting will accelerate you near supersonic the quickest, and the instant speed boost from Dodging will instantly cross the last gap where otherwise Boost would need time to accelerate through the gap.

There are two ways to Fast Kickoff:

  • If you spawn right next to goal, but offset of a boost pad to the right or left a little bit, you do a normal Fast Kickoff. This is done by boosting and aligning yourself to the boost pad in front of you. By the time you get to the boost pad, you should be looking roughly 8o away from the ball, in the direction from spawn point to boost pad and beyond it in a straight line. Once you are at the boost pad, you should have acquired enough speed to be able to instantly bridge the gap to supersonic with a Diagonal Dodge. As soon as you Dodge and are supersonic, stop boosting. You would be wasting boost otherwise.
  • There is a second way to Fast Kickoff, but it is not recommended for the spawn near goal but offset. It's recommended for spawning right behind a boost pad diagonally offset from the ball. This method is by staring off with Boost, but jump a little earlier, and then Diagonally Dodge. This will result in one not reaching supersonic just yet but using Boost in the middle of a Diagonal Dodge to bridge the rest of the gap.


The first way, by using the Dodge to bridge the gap, is most effective on the spawn point by goal, but offset from the center. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. It is also effective on the diagonal offset spawn closest to the ball, but one must angle themselves correctly before Dodging.

We're not done yet.
The purpose of the Fast Kickoff is to get there before the opponent and hit it out of their ability to reach it. This means if you hit it straight into them, you are giving them a dunk and allowing them to win kickoff. So, in order to properly do it, you must hit the ball to side of them, preferably while they are Dodging in a straight line forward.

For the offset center goalie spawn, the player must angle and land (or not land) their car to hit the ball to the corners of the opposing field. If one lands before hitting the ball, they may get a lob. These are good occasionally if you can read the bounce and beat the opposing goalie to apply immediate pressure. However, if you do not land and hit the center of the ball's gravity, you can roll the ball toward the corner. Further left (if hitting the ball to the left corner) and further right (hitting the ball tot he right corner) can yield higher success rates, but risks missing the ball slightly more, and also may result in an easy outcome for the opposing goalie to get an optimal hit. Hitting it to the corner can result in it rolling (rolling the ball on kickoff) up the wall which usually makes it difficult to get an optimal hit. It also has the possibility of bouncing straight out in front of net (if you lobbed it), perhaps allowing them an optimal hit, but can result in a difficult hit for the goalie.

The diagonal offset spawn is different from the other spawn. The opponent's spawn will mirror yours. So if you try to hit it toward the corner, they will dunk you. For this kickoff, you want to angle your car to hit it roughly toward the Midfield Boost Canister, slightly on the opponent's side of the field. Notice how I never said to "land". This is because typically you may not have the luxury to land your car for this Fast Kickoff spawn point. Even then, it is mostly ineffective if it lobs because it bounces off the side wall and toward the goalie, allowing them for a very easy clear. So, it is best to roll it up the wall.

The Fast Kickoff is not the best kickoff! Actually, there is no best kickoff. Some kickoffs counter others. People can position themselves ahead of time to predict where you are hitting the ball with your fast kickoff to dunk you. So don't rely on it.

A good way to practice the Fast Kickoff is to play against bots 1v1 in an Exhibition Match, preferably Allstar bots. Allstar bots are quite slow on kickoff compared to normal players, even being the highest difficulty level. Here, you can practice your Fast Kickoff accuracy and method in 2 out of the 3 spawn locations. After getting down hitting the ball to the desired locations I explained, try it against real players in a match where they will be faster.

Remember, the Fast Kickoff requires a great deal amount of skill and muscle memory for the mechanics required.

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