Often you see players bringing up the discussion of which car is the best and why.

Most discussion only focus on car stats, while this post is meant to light some other potentially important points why certain cars are so popular (to be exact the Octane).

It will partly overlap with SirTimbers' excellent video The Best Car?.

First, lets address the stats:

The Octane is one of the most popular cars. Its hitbox is a bit on the short side but it is quite tall.

However, so is the Road hog. To be exact: The Road hog is a little bit longer (~2%) but thinner (~-3,5%). It also rests higher (the hitbox elevation is a bit higher from the ground).

Turn speed doesn't matter anymore because the max turn radius difference without boosting is less than 3,5% and while boosting less than 7% if my math is correct. And that is the maximum difference.

Both, the Octane and the Road Hog are below average (but similar).

Next point is the visual model compared to the hitbox. The closer the visual model is to the actual hitbox, the easier is it to get exact hits.

The Road Hogs visual model is closer to the hitbox than the Octane (no spoiler, more box-like).

Coming to a fairly new point.

For everyone that doesn't know:

The cars have a pivot point/center of mass. How does that matter?

The further away the pivot point is from the point where your car makes contact with the ball, the easier it is to shift the point of contact, which makes aiming easier.

In theory, you want a center of mass that's as far away from the ball as possible; the more distance between that center of mass and the ball, the easier it is to adjust the angle of your hit. Simply put, if the center of mass is right up on the ball, even smaller positional adjustments result in a much different hit angle. Source

This is what /u/CaerulusDramal recently brought up in the thread linked above. I recommend reading the whole thing or also watch a video from Espeon on RL physics.

He argues, that the distance from the pivot point to the front of popular cars (Dominus, Breakout, Octane) is higher than the one of other cars, and that is why being accurate with them is easier and they are more popular. And this is true! See.

However even if it is quite far away from the actual middle of the car, if your car is short the distance from the center of mass is not that big.

That is why the octane is in fact only on place 11 of 29 for the pivot distance to the front (breakout is top notch). The Road Hog is at place 8.

So yes, the pivot point is one factor which makes cars better/worse, but it is, similiar to the turn radius, not that important.

Why do I talk about the Road Hog all the time?

Many people argue, that the Octane is balanced and good at everything and that is why it is so popular. Yes, it is average in most categories and doesn't suck in any (other than visual model compared to hitbox).

But the Road Hog is basically the same, well to be exact it is even better (a bit).

But if that is the case why do so many play the octane, and why does nearly no one play the Road Hog? And this is what the post is mainly about.

The Road Hog is fucking ugly, and its turn radius was not good at release. Car choice is not only based on stats.

The Octane is the first car you unlock. It is a free car, its stats are ok, it looks cool, it is no DLC car or a new car but in the game since the beginning (and also in SARPBC).

And also, there is group pressure and people who just want to be told which car is good. People on here often say.

Well, there must be a reason why all the pro players use it

Assuming that there must be a reason why so many players use it is enough for others to change their car. After release the meta car was the Dominus. Lots of pros played it and then the playerbase shifted towards it. The dominus looks god damn good. Also, like mentioned above, it is easier to aim with it than with shorter cars. However, at some point the meta in the pro scene shifted towards the octane. My guess is that it got more popular because of the reasons listed above, and aiming was no problem at all at that point. Say 5 players switch. Other players think there must be a reason why they do, and try the octane. Is is easier to dribble with it something new, and confirmation bias might also play a role.

This leads to a domino effect. Players watching pro streams tend to be higher ranked or ranking up faster. These players also think there must be a reason and many of them switch. Now other players lose against Octanes a lot or see them using it, thinking the exact same thing.

There must be a reason so many use it. And guess what happens.

This reasoning is still on here and you can find people use it. That are reasons why, beside the better stats, the Octane is used over the Road hog. /u/CaerulusDramal also made a comment about it, I recommend reading it for what is basically a short summary of all this. So what is the point of this thread?

The current meta is fine. It is totally ok that players use the Octane for the reasons listed above. It is a really balanced car.

However, people should keep everything said above in mind. If someone would ask on here if he should take the Road Hog or the Octane, 99% of the users would tell him to use the Octane even though it is not a better choice. He on the other side would think that the Octane is the better choice and maybe go with it, even though it is only more popular.

While some cars may be better than others (fuck SCARAB), a car is not automatically good because it is popular. I have yet to see the Road Hog mentioned in one of these threads, even though objectively seen it is quite good. Ultimately, I just try to shine a different light on all of this. Car choice doesn't matters that much. There are types of cars you should figure out if you like them, but the Octane is not "the best car by far".

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